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Longship-2 released

2003/03/22 - Longship-2 is released today. This release is based on the recent trunk of Mozilla (Camino) code with patches applied as documented in the Readme file. Download it now or view the changes. Enjoy!


The Longship project is a community build of Camino. It is Camino plus patches that provide functionality and/or bug fixes that have not yet been accepted into the main Camino builds. The goal of Longship is to give "air" to various experimental patches in order to iron out the bugs and determine if they are appropriate or popular for inclusion in Camino. It's also for fun for the community developers to try things out.


Download the lastest build, Longship-2.dmg.bz2.

Mailing List

Please join our mailing list if you wish to become involved in Longship or generally discuss Camino development.

What's a Longship?

The longship is the famous sea-going vessel of the Norse Vikings. In it, Leif Eriksson reached america in 1001 CE, almost 500 years before Columbus. The longship was a truly remarkable design, tough enough to handle any deep-ocean weather and light enough to land on beach-shore.

What's Camino?

Camino is a Mac OS X native version of the Mozilla browser, using an all-Cocoa UI. It was formerly known as Chimera.

The longship project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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